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iDrive Review

iDrive Review

Storage Plus Apps


Our iDrive Review: separates itself from the competition by taking cloud storage to another level, incorporating many of the applications people use to create their documents as part of their service offering.  With plug-ins for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint as well as Google Docs you are able to harness the power of cloud storage and the Internet in real-time.

Another major benefit to businesses that use the cloud storage provider is the ability to back up their MS SQL, Oracle, SharePoint or Exchange databases through iBackup one of the divisions of this company. While the free 5GB offer is on par with other cloud storage providers, it is the access to the iDrive APIs and third party applications that give this provider the competitive edge.


Features of

  • Free 5GB of space
  • Backup an Unlimited Number of PCs, Macs and web-enabled devices
  • Synchronize your data across all devices
  • Plug-ins for MSOffice and Google Docs
  • Manage multiple accounts


The fast data backup services of iDrive give you the ability to means to easily manage your information as efficiently as possible. The system uses a metered approach and compression in the backup process to speed data transfer and reduce the amount of bandwidth required to replace information that has been modified in a file.

With the built-in plug-ins for Microsoft Office your documents are incorporated into the backup process from the beginning. Documents can be added through Windows Explorer as well. has designed control options for every part of the backup process, including the ability to set the system for optimum performance that doesn’t interfere with your ability to use your computer.


Storage Space

Free accounts have 5GB of storage space with premium service plans for individuals, small businesses and large organizations. On all of these levels the ability to use the APIs, plug-ins and third party applications extends your ability to manage and control how your files, photos and folders are organized and accessed.

This gives you more power to manage the way you create and process information that is for you alone or shared with others. If you need better productivity from the group of people that you work with, it’s easy to enhance performance by using to share documents for the project that you are working on.

This way, no matter which device you or a team member has to use, they will always have access to the documents they need and you will see the data updated immediately.


Ease of Use

With more options for using their cloud based storage, also has one of the most user friendly interfaces on any of their competitors and is constantly adding more features to meet every need their customers have related to their online database backup and storage.

There are clear demonstrations to manage any of the features– from installing the basic backup application to how to register for corporate database backup through another division in the company.

In addition to making it super-easy to backup your data, you can also develop your own personal system for how the data is organized in your cloud. Because the iDrive application can be installed on multiple computers you never have to worry not having access to your backup system.

A truly universal application, iDrive affords you access to backup your files and photos in the cloud and on an external hard drive. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have any web-enabled device with you, your files are at your fingertips. The files you have in your account are constantly backed up and available to you and everyone you share information with.


Security uses several different methods to make sure your data is completely secure. iDrive uses AES 256 Encryption which is the military standard, stores the encryption keys on a different server and performs regular integrity checks of the system. The way people work has changed; more than ever it’s important to safeguard electronic information to avoid problems.

Data security is a major concern for everyone because information plays such a large role in our personal and professional lives. Access to data through teamwork is the other benefit that affords its customers. The idea of collaboration is easy to make a reality using cloud data storage.  Regardless of the time zones, electronic data management using this method can be rewarding; updating documents will automatically be transferred to every copy of the document on the synchronized network of your computers, iPhones, Tablet PCs, Macs, Ipads, Blackberry and Android powered devices.

iDrive works equally as well for keeping personal and family documents safe, yet totally accessible. This is a very convenient way to get family members and friends to work together on community projects using cloud based storage.


Customer Service

For customer service begins with the information presented on their website. Technical information is written in plain English to ensure that anyone can understand the advantages of their service to their benefit. There are also several tutorials, demonstrations and documentation to help students, professionals, and business managers make their life easier using the service to control access to their information.


Final Conclusion

The type of device you have and how you create your documents are the two aspects of service that puts iDrive ahead of their competition. The company is in touch with where the purpose of cloud data backup and storage could be most easily understood; in the applications the majority of people use to create their files.

Cloud backup and storage vendors are numerous and offer the same basic service. It is great to have a safe place to store data, however, some people need more than that. This is the person who will get the most benefit using this vendor’s services. iDrive offers customers the opportunity to get involved with the process through feedback and through the creative process with APIs and application development.



iDrive Review


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